Start / Sit – NFL Week 1

Steve Hamann 1

FINALLY! The football season is upon us. It’s been too long since we’ve had fantasy football in our lives. Forget last year; everyone starts with a fresh slate in hopes of reigning supreme at the end of the fantasy season. While some lineup decisions are straightforward, others can be difficult […]

NFL Free Agency: NFC South

Steve Hamann

This week, we will be diving into which Free Agency players  fit best with the NFC South teams. Over the past two weeks, we have taken a look at the NFC North and NFC East and who would have the most significant impact if they signed with each team. Here […]

Free Agency: Tight Ends on the Move

Justin Bruni

Free Agency: Tight Ends on the Move Tight Ends have been all the rage this week on social media, so I felt obligated to join the party with some Free Agency banter. We’re just 11 days away from the start of the official signing period, and there are many NFL […]

Week 12: Sit or Starts

NFL’s Week 12 kicked off on Thanksgiving Day and has been wild ever since. The Steelers have already had their game moved from Thursday to Sunday and is now scheduled for a Tuesday kick-off. Will Fuller and Antonio Gibson fantasy got the week started with a flurry of points. Here […]

Take it to the Hizzy #57

Justin Bruni

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Take it to the Hizzy #30

Justin Bruni

Take it to the Hizzy #30 Subscribe to Take It to the Hizzy YouTube Channel Subscribe Follow Justin, Imran, and Nick on Twitter! Check out TITTH’s other videos! Check out TITTH’s #28 and #29 Teddy Bridgewater set for Big Year   Rob Gronkowski Total Receiving Yards Prop: Over Tom Brady Passing […]

Teddy Bridgewater set for Big Year

New Faces-New Places Teddy Bridgewater is going to have a BIG year in 2020! I’m very excited about Bridgewater running this offense with playmakers like Christian Mccaffery, DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel at his disposal. The Carolina Panthers stocked up for the new QB as well. They added WR Roby […]

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