NFL Week 11 Picks

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Welcome back to our NFL Picks for Week 11. Week 10 was the week of the underdogs. Last week in our picks, we went a disappointing 5-8-1, and our season total is 82-54. We are getting crushed the past few weeks but we have to keep swinging! Let’s dive into our NFL Picks for Week 11.

Mac Jones
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New England Patriots (-6) at Atlanta Falcons 

The Patriots have not only won four straight games, but they also have and covered the spread of each of them as well. The Falcons, like most of the NFL, are a hard team to figure out. They beat the Saints in New Orleans, then got railroaded by the Cowboys. However, the Patriots are looking like a solid team and one that is bound for the playoffs. So give me Mac on the road, where the Patriots are undefeated this season. 

Pick: Patriots


Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns (-10) 

The Browns got rid of Odell Beckham, and they got destroyed by the Patriots in New England. The Lions finally didn’t lose a game for the first time in nearly a year. The Browns bounce back at home and pick apart a bad Lions team. 

Pick: Browns


Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans (-10.5)

The Titans beat the Saints, making it five straight playoff teams from the previous year, which has never happened before. This team keeps finding a way to win against some of the best teams in football, even without Derrick Henry. They do it again this week.

Pick: Titans


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  1. The Patriots aren’t undefeated at home… They just the first game of the season to the dolphins. Just saying.

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