Underdog of the Night: Stipe Miocic

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Stipe Miocic
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UFC 260 brings back memories of the past for me. Not with the fighters’ names, but with the weight classes. Heavyweight headlined UFC events have been some of the most electric events in UFC history. Everyone loves seeing two guys bigger than everyone, just going at it as hard as they can to knock each other out. I expect nothing different from Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou. But I CANNOT believe Miocic is an underdog, he is my Underdog of the Night in UFC 260.

No Respect for Stipe Miocic

Don’t get me wrong, I think Ngannou will be one of the elite Heavyweights in the division for years to come, but geez, Miocic is getting no respect from the books. Dana can tell me all day that Ngannou is one of the most marketable Heavyweights, but that does not change the fact that Miocic is a modern-day gladiator.

While Miocic was putting out fires in Ohio and training in between bouts, Ngannou terrorized the Heavyweight division’s lower echelon. Rightfully so, Ngannou should be eating those guys up. But a curious thing happened on Ngannou’s way to superstardom; he lost…against Miocic. Dana once thought Miocic was a stepping stone for Ngannou, but Miocic proved Dana wrong.

Ngannou’s subsequent loss against Derrick Lewis had me stunned. Like what? Dana’s golden Heavyweight lost… again? After watching Ngannou destroy Overeem, I knew Miocic would be an issue, but Derrick Lewis was just supposed to be a win that stopped the fall in rankings. Nope, Ngannou had to work his way back up after losing against Lewis. On the other hand, Miocic redeemed himself TWICE against one of the greatest fighters, Daniel Cormier.

Final Thoughts

So tell me, why the hell is Miocic, an underdog against Ngannou? Miocic is getting no respect anywhere, even from the matchmakers. Ngannou is electric as a fighter because of his knockout power, but Miocic goes through the gauntlet daily; I have him winning in a DECISION. Give me Miocic +110 all day against Ngannou.




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