Underdog of the Night: Stipe Miocic

Nick Davis 1

UFC 260 brings back memories of the past for me. Not with the fighters’ names, but with the weight classes. Heavyweight headlined UFC events have been some of the most electric events in UFC history. Everyone loves seeing two guys bigger than everyone, just going at it as hard as […]

NFL Free Agency: NFC South

Steve Hamann

This week, we will be diving into which Free Agency players  fit best with the NFC South teams. Over the past two weeks, we have taken a look at the NFC North and NFC East and who would have the most significant impact if they signed with each team. Here […]

Free Agency: Tight Ends on the Move

Justin Bruni

Free Agency: Tight Ends on the Move Tight Ends have been all the rage this week on social media, so I felt obligated to join the party with some Free Agency banter. We’re just 11 days away from the start of the official signing period, and there are many NFL […]

NBA Power Rankings: Top 10

Tom Exel

NBA Power Rankings The NBA season is more than halfway complete as we are just days away from the NBA All-Star Game. With another week of games under our belts, let’s take a look at the NBA Power rankings. Some of these rankings may come as a surprise, and some may […]

NFL Free Agency: NFC North

Steve Hamann

Another week, another round of free agency predictions. Last week, we went over who I thought the biggest home-run signings for the entire NFC East would be. We are sticking to the same conference this week and predicting the NFC North’s top free-agent signings. Here are my top signings for […]

Fantasy Hockey Streamers

Tyler Barger

Fantasy Hockey Streamers Welcome to week seven of the fantasy hockey season. Let’s review this week’s round of streamers as we navigate uncertain schedules and injuries.  I have picked these players because they have been on fire in the past week. These moves can help your team build towards winning […]

Underdog Of The Night: Thiago Santos

Nick Davis 1

On Saturday at UFC 259, Brazilian fighter Thiago Santos (+134) will go toe-to-toe with Austrian Aleksander Rakić (-154). Rakić is looking to make his name in the Light Heavyweight division against a top-four fighter in Santos. For Rakić to break into the Light Heavyweight’s upper echelon, he will have to go through […]

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