Bad Team, Star Player: Amari Cooper

Nick Davis
Amari Cooper
via Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Cowboys’ 2020 season is one of the roughest years for the organization to date. Dak was lost for the year in Week 5, Zeke is suffering from a case of butter-fingers (5 fumbles), and their defense can’t hold an offense out of the end-zone. But for all the mediocre play in Dallas, there is one player that stands above them all, Amari Cooper.

Amari Cooper is a Diamond the Dallas Rough

In the first four weeks of the NFL season, Cooper enjoyed 51 targets, 37 receptions, 401 receiving yards, and a touchdown. But the Cowboys only won one game. In Week 5, when Dak went down, Cooper suffered his worst game of the year (at that point), having only four targets, two receptions, and 25 yards. I understand why Cooper had a bad outing; the offense’s heart just went down for the year.

During Weeks 6 and 7 (Andy Dalton filling in), Cooper put up respectable numbers, 17 targets, 14 receptions, 159 yards, and another touchdown. The Cowboys as a team scored only a total of 13 points while letting up a total of 63 points. Averaging seven receptions and 79.5 yards a game with Dalton, Cooper was written off when Dalton suffered a concussion against Washington in Week 7.

Now, imagine you are in Amari Cooper’s shoes. The first two quarterbacks of the team go down for multiple weeks, you (Cooper) are seeing things in practice that are just stressing you out, and you got to play a division rival you know will talk trash. Anyone would be a little frazzled going into that game. Sure enough, Cooper suffers his worst game against Philadelphia with a third-string quarterback.

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