DFS Matchup Week 3: Gardner Minshew vs Miami Defense

Nick Davis
Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew is the Chuck Norris of the NFL

I’ll have to say… Gardner Minshew has my attention now. I mean, the NFL usually chews up and spits out bolder personalities. But Gardner Minshew has this aura around him that… makes you believe. What he is doing in Jacksonville is nothing short of a Herculean effort. Gone is Fournette, gone is the elite defense that vaunted the Jaguars to within a game of the Super Bowl. You would be expecting Blake Bortle’s production in Duval with the team’s current construction, no?

Unbelievably, Gardner Minshew has kept the Jaguars FIGHTING in these games. He led the charge against the post-Andrew Luck Colts led by gunslinger Philip Rivers. In true, shocking fashion, Minshew was able to best the wily veteran Rivers in Week 1. In some weird way, I feel like I watch Minshew beat the first boss in the “QB video game.”

“Never Give Up, Never Surrender” – Gardner Minshew… probably.

In Week 2, Minshew did not come away with the victory. But he came damn close to upending the Titans led by Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill. Uncharacteristically, Minshew did throw two interceptions against the Titans but only lost by 3 points. To me, those interceptions were not exactly Minshew’s fault, so he’s not hurting the offense in any way a la Winston in Tampa last year.

Moving over to Week 3, Gardner Minshew has to be chomping at the bit going against the Miami Dolphins. Miami just let Josh Allen BALL OUT for 417 yards and four touchdowns in Week 2. I did not think Allen could explode like that, so my hat’s off to him. But that stat line bodes well for some serious fantasy points for Minshew.

Josh Allen Gave Peek of Minshew’s Week 3

In misleading fashion, Miami lets up around 286 passing yards. That stat is tricky because, in Week 1, New England featured a heavy RPO offense, rushing 42 times while only attempting 19 passes. In contrast, Josh Allen threw the ball 35 times, completing 24 passes. Vastly different defenses week to week for the Miami Dolphins defense, but Jacksonville is closer to Buffalo than New England as an offensive scheme to use Buffalo stat line for comparisons.

Week 2 Prediction for Gardner Minshew

My prediction for Gardner Minshew against Miami in Week 3 is 350 passing yards, three touchdowns, and 25 rushing yards. Gardner Minshew is scared of no one in the NFL, and I saw how he was willing to be mobile and get that first down with his legs if needed. While 25 yards won’t set the world on fire, 350 passing yards coupled with three touchdowns and NO INTERCEPTIONS will pay dividends from a lower salary quarterback and put you in a great position to finish within the money.

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