Terry McLaurin Will Face Sophomore Slump

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Terry McLaurin
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Terry McLaurin – The Diamond in the Rough

The team in Washington (who knows what the name will be when/if the season starts) has one bright spot. Literally one. Okay, two if you count the punter Tress Way who I consider the MVP of the team. But in all seriousness, that one bright spot is second-year receiver Terry McLaurin.

To give perspective, he led Washington in targets (93), receptions (58), receiving yards (919), yards per reception (15.8), and had the longest play from scrimmage (75). He is the only viable option for an anemic Washington offense.

History is Against McLaurin

The last rookie receiver who impacted Washington even close to McLaurin was Rod Gardner in 2001. Gardner had seven more targets (101), twelve fewer receptions (46), almost two hundred fewer yards (746), and four fewer touchdowns. To say Gardner’s and McLaurin’s rookies season are comparable is disrespectful.

But for how great McLaurin was in his rookie year, there is no way he can replicate his success. I fully believe his career trajectory is a number one receiver, but you cannot fall into the trap this year with McLaurin. The odds are stacked against him to be WR2 or WR3 on your team.

How Washington Refuses to Support Stars

First, who is number two in Washington? Number two receiver in 2018, Chris Thompson, is gone. Steven Sims was third in 2018 and he only started two games. So based on this information, sounds like defenses are going to focusing on the only option, McLaurin.

Then, the offensive line in Washington is deplorable. Whoever is slinging the ball won’t have enough time to find McLaurin. He might rack up the receptions on screens, but are you looking for 2017 Jarvis Landry production of leading the NFL with receptions but only have 8.8 yards a reception?

I would know how frustrating that year Landry was because I drafted him second round thinking I outsmarted the Beckham Jr owner. Landry did not crack the century mark that season, so I never got the 100-yard bonus from one of my top receivers. McLaurin hit the century mark three times in his rookie season.

Last Take

McLaurin is one of the greatest rookie receivers to don a Washington jersey. His talent is through the roof and will continue to be great for Washington for years to come. Unfortunately, in his second year, he will regress to the mean. His regression is no fault of his own which is the worst part. If he had Tom Brady, he would probably lead the league. But he doesn’t.

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