Saquon Barkley Total Yards Prop: Over

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Saquon Barkley
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The Saquon Barkley total yard’s prop at 1749.5 yards on Fanduel is going for -112 to hit the over. Interestingly enough, -112 are also the odds for him to hit the Under. Fanduel isn’t taking any stand with this posted number.

Barkley will crush this prop, and I fear that sportsbooks will increase the total as we get closer to Week 1. With all prop bets, you need to be confident that your player will finish the year healthy and play a full season. Despite Barkley missing three games last year, I am optimistic he plays the full 16 games this season.

Saquon Barkley went down in Week 3, suffering a high ankle sprain. Many speculated that he would be out anywhere from 5-7 weeks, but he only missed three games! Barkley is a beast and ensured fans that his return would be in the same season. He came back Week 7 and finished the season strong.

After Week 7, Barkley recorded 1130 total yards and 7 touchdowns on 221 touches, averaging 113 yards per game through the final ten weeks of the 2020 campaign. That rate of production would have earned him at least 1808 yards across 16 full games. Those projections come from his production post-injury. He eclipsed 2000 plus yards his rookie season, the numbers don’t lie.

Fast forward to 2020, the Giants spent 3 of their top 5 draft picks to upgrade their offensive line, including OL Andrew Thomas, with the 4th overall pick. The Giants were also banged up last year. Whether they were missing Tate, Engram, Shepard, and even Barkley, they never had all of their weapons at their disposal. Everyone entering 2020 with a clean bill of health increases Barkley’s value and opportunity in this offense. This group will be fun to follow this year, especially with Barkley leading the way. Hammer the Over on 1749.5 total yards while the number still stands.

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