Julio Jones Will Set Fire to 2020

Julio Jones
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Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley are both looking at increased touches with the departures of Sanu, Hooper, and Freeman. The Falcons led the league in passing attempts last season (684) and fifth in 2018 (617). Even with the acquisition of Todd Gurley, we know the Falcons are going to finish in the top five in pass attempts just like the past two seasons. The Falcons adding Koetter as OC in 2019 was throwing gas at the fire, he’s always been pass-heavy.

Jones finished 2019 with 99 catches on 157 targets, but those numbers will increase in 2020. He will hit over 110 catches, 1450 reception yards, and grab at least eight touchdowns, and those are my modest projections. In the past two seasons, Jones has amassed 212 catches on 327 targets. Since 2014, Jones only missed four games. The”Ouch Ouch He’s Always Hurt” card has officially expired.

The Rams used Gurley sparingly last year, so he should have some fresh legs under him. Thankfully, his presence does not threaten Julio’s ROS value with Koetter at the helm. If anything, Julio is someone you want to target more if you don’t believe in Gurley.

If you think Gurley will have success, you have to assume he’s going to open up more possibilities for Jones and Ridley. I believe that Gurley gives the Falcons a strong first half but doesn’t close out the season at peak performance, whether that’s a limited workload or succumbing to injury.

Final Take on Julio Jones

Julio Jones checks every box to select him at the end of the first round or beginning of the second. Julio and Ekeler would be a dream pairing for my first two picks in PPR. Even better, you can always fire off Julio and Hopkins to corner the WR market, get bullish with it! Julio is my WR5.

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